Born a natural intuitive sensitive with a gift for healing, I did not jump into "formal" actions of healing until 1996. From there I started healing with the Ascension World Service Center, a Reiki based Transpersonal Psychology, with the teachings of the late Joshua Stone- a 2 year intensive, continuing on with Avillion of Universal Insight, Quantum Touch, several others, and of course Reiki.

At 6 months of age I was baptized Hindu, which in one way, explained a lot of why it felt so natural to be connected with energy work and healing.

I have a great interest in Psychology, Earth Science, Quantum Physics, Astrology, Numerology, and all things positively multi dimensional. Being an Aquarius/Pisces says it all! :)

Aside from learning, I enjoy being outside enjoying nature and expanding the spiritual side of life.

I truly feel that life is an adventure, here to be expanded within its many layers. We all have gifts to share and something wonderful to offer. It has always been my dream since I was young, that one day the Earth would become a better place, where all life forms can grow, prosper and live in peace. 


Reiki Master/Teacher

Lightarian Reiki Facilitator

White Light Master/Teacher

Quantum Touch Practioner

Crystalline Rainbow Reiki Master Practitioner

Vibrational Alignment Practitioner