Below are some wonderful attunements that were channeled through my higher-self, and would love to share......and to help create an opportunity of growth for everyone, within many layers of your being.


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Abundant Living Reiki

This simple system allows your entire being to clear and optimize your potential to receive all that is good and abundant in your life. When we are open to such things with belief, miracles happen and we are able to receive all that we ask for in a positive way. The universe is waiting, all we have to do is ask....and believe.

15.00 USD



Expressions of Light Reiki

This is a powerful but gentle system where etheric crystals are placed within your aura, and there are 9 of them. The first one is a double terminated crystal which is placed in your main chakra system to help unify them and work in harmony. There are 6 other double terminated crystals that are placed in all four directions, and 4 more for the sub-directions. The purpose of this system is to clear and charge your energetic bodies and layers to become a huge bright and clear beacon of light to realize your potential of light giving service. As you work with this daily, you will notice subtle and great changes on every level.

30.00 USD



Amethyst Merkaba Chamber

This systems allows you to call it in when are in need of rejuvenation of healing, peace and spirituality in your life. Calming and soothing.

10.00 USD



Harmony within the Heart Reiki

This attunement helps to release any blocks that you may subconsciously  be holding onto keeping you from allowing love to flow into your life. It is important to love yourself unconditionally first, then you can receive all the love you need. This is when everything in life is viewed as a blessing.

15.00 USD



Positive Thinking Reiki

Everything in life is an attitude and a mindset. Positive thinking enables positive action. This is great if you feel a need for an extra "oomph" to keep you going with an optimistic attitude towards life.

10.00 USD



Crystal Cavern Reiki

This attunement system allows you to go within your subconscious mind and clear out any self sabotaging past life issues that no longer serve any purpose, not only for your self, but the collective consciousness as well. This is one of the greatest gifts we can give our planet today.

15.00 USD



Innocent Child Reiki

This system allows you to reconnect with the natural child like sense of wonder that we all have within us but may have forgotten. It is our birthright to be happy and spontaneous, creative and free.  It enables us to reclaim our sense of "awe" with life and to remember the natural joy we came here to express.


15.00 USD



Imagination Reiki

This simple system enlightens your higher self, third eye and heart chakra to work in harmony allowing your gifted imagination to open up and flow, therefore allowing any inspirations that are positive to be set forth and put into action, creating the reality of your dreams.  Useful in awakening you "inner genius".

10.00 USD



Breaking through Limitations Reiki

There are times in our lives as humans, there is something that is brought to our attention that seems like a limitation...however, it is only an illusion that allows us to to bring the "dark" in to the "light".  If we use the limitation as a tool for growth, then we are able to discover more of our "true selves", removing the limitation with grace and emerge into the light again with greater expansion and freedom.

15.00 USD