Kundalini Reiki




Kundalini energy starts from the root chakra, up the spine and out the top of the head, the crown chakra. Opening the Kundalini channels cleanses and re balances the chakras, and with daily use this system slowly clears out blockages. Energetically, we attract what we "hold" in our energy system. The goal is to be free and clear of any debris so that we can move forward freely in our lives and have room to attract all that is needed in a positive way and fulfill our true destiny.  When you use Kundalini Reiki, you receive so much, and the energies within the system are absolutely wonderful. This is one of my favorite systems, as it is very positive and powerful, and great changes happen when using this. There are 3 levels to this attunement system, with manual. The cost is 30.00 USD.



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